eSense Solutions and IBM: A partnership that works….

Mobile computing and Artificial Intelligence has become the most sought after technology in the world today. Unfortunately, Africa is left behind in the revolution going on around the world. To get Africa and Africans involved, esense Solutions is partnering With IBM and GMI . This partnership will enhance knowledge and learning to Africans to enable them to become actively involve in building solutions for African and global Markets.

According to The founder of eSense Solutions Ethan Kikemi, “This partnership seeks to address shortfalls in digital professionals in Nigeria and Africa at Large”. He further stressed that this partnership will encourage and provide comfortable platform and route for students and professionals wishing to delve into this field without stress and challenges.

The programs will be short courses and practical training in digital skills. These skills will include Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, 3D printing Technology, Mobile computing and IoT. The emphasis will be on teenagers and youths.

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